Available Opportunities:

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2023 Available Opportunities:

  • C-1978 RFP Provide Chiller Motor Repairs – Bid Opening 10:00a on Thursday, October 5, 2023
  • C-1802 RFQ Provide Temporary Labor Staffing – ONGOING SUBMISSION (NO DEADLINE)
  • C-1944 RFQ Provide Production Equipment Rental – ONGOING SUBMISSION (NO DEADLINE)

2023 Upcoming Opportunities:

    • Procurement: Air Hose Replacements
    • Procurement: Chiller Barrel Hinges
    • Procurement: Extension Cords
    • Procurement: Plumbing Valves
    • Procurement: Receptacles and Combo Panels
    • Procurement: Router Redundancy
    • Procurement: WiFi System
    • Procurement: AVTEC Hood Components
    • Procurement: Gate Control Cameras at Docks
    • Procurement: Networking Supplies
    • Procurement: BMS Front End & Field Hardware
    • Service: Replace Exterior Control Valve Actuator
    • Service: Replace Plant Pump Motors
    • Service: Replace/Add Shutoff Valves at Pump Drops in the Central Plant
    • Service: Provide Barricade Rental
    • Service: Provide Disaster Emergency Security
    • Service: Provide Resurfacing of Plant Floors