Bid Results

C-1905 Provide Executive Coaching Services Bid Summary

C-1853 Provide Phase I, II and III Substation Maintenance Services Bid Summary

C-1898 Provide Cable Television Service Bid Summary

C-1917 Provide Relocation Services of Tile Mosaic Wall Bid Summary

C-1880 Provide Online Parking App Bid Summary

C-1877 Procurement of Mobile Greenroom Bid Summary

C-1762 Provide Insurance Broker/Agent and Insurance Consulting Services for Property & Casualty Program Bid Summary

C-1821 Procurement of Coffee Kiosk Bid Summary

C-1875 Provide Beverage Cart Vehicle Bid Summary

C-1853 Provide Substation Maintenance Services Bid Summary

C-1852 Event Composting Services Bid Summary

Schmelly’s Fee Schedule

C-1849 NOLA ChristmasFest Amusement Rides 2022 Bid Summary

C-1848 ChristmasFest 2022 General Contractor Services Bid Summary

C-1847 Procurement of Smallwares Bid Summary

C-1845 Provide Wellness Consulting Services Bid Summary

Sterling Wellness Fee Schedule Ochsner Fee Schedule WellSpark Fee Schedule

C-1833 Provide Safepoint Services Bid Summary

C-1829 Provide Transportation, Waste Disposal, & Recycling Services C-1829 Bid Summary

C-1481 Provide Disaster Restorative Services Bid Summary

ARS Price Schedule Service Master Price Schedule Signature Group Price Schedule

C-1808 Furnish & Install Escalator Handrails Bid Summary

C-1806 Procurement of Banquet Tables & Accessories Bid Summary

C-1801 Procurement of Ice Machines Bid Summary

C-1797 Procurement of Air Filters Bid Summary

C-1783 Procurement of Janitorial Supplies – Bid Summary

C-1760 Furnish & Install Chiller VFD – Bid Summary

C-1749 Furnish & Install Low Voltage Fiber Plant – Bid Summary

C-1743 Procurement of Show Cables – Bid Summary

C-1731 Replace Hot Water Boilers – Bid Summary

C-1696 Procurement of Wireless Intercom Equipment – Bid Summary

C-1672 RFP Provide Elevator and Escalator Maintenance – Bid Summary