Available Opportunities

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Available Opportunities – Current:

  • C-1839 Elevator 7 Modifications – Bid Opening 10/10/22
  • C-1825 Provide Disaster Emergency Security Services – Bid Opening 10/13/22
  • C-1847 Procurement of Small Wares – Bid Opening 09/30/22

Available Opportunities – Prospective: 

  • C-1835 Provide Sales Tools and Training
  • C-1821 Procurement of Coffee Kiosk
  • C-1822 Procurement of Pizza Kiosk
  • C-1823 Procurement of Taco Kiosk
  • C-1802 RFQ Temporary Staffing
  • C-1802 RFQ Temporary Staffing
  • C-1762 RFP Property & Casualty Broker/Agent/Consultant Services
  • C-1835 Provide Sales Tools & Training Services